‘Queen & Slim’ Trailer is Social Commentary Meets Bonnie and Clyde


Movies provide entertainment, an escape, and bonding but on occasion, they can provide social commentary on controversial topics. Topics that many of us avoid for one reason or another. In film, however, it forces us to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes for an hour or more. Making us deal with and confront that which we do not understand or choose not to understand. While others feel vindicated, knowing that someone has shined a light on the plight they’ve endured.

Enter ‘Queen & Slim’ written by Emmy Award winner Lena Waithe based on an idea by bestselling author James Frey. A trailer for the film premiered Sunday night at the BET Awards showcasing a Bonnie and Clyde tale that initiates after a police interaction goes wrong. It is the feature film directorial debut for the super talented, two time Grammy award winner, Melina Matsoukas. Starring Get Out’s Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith in her first starring role, playing two strangers in Ohio on a first date that are pulled over by an aggressive police officer. The topic of police brutality against black people has been at the forefront of social issues for as long as I’ve been alive and this movie seems to focus on the issue while playing off of it. It looks to be a wild ride and possibly one of the best movies of the year. I know that’s a lot to put on a one and a half minute trailer but you be the judge.

The Universal Pictures film is set to hit theaters on November 27th, 2019.


A seemingly routine traffic stop forever alters the lives of a young man and woman on a first date.