Ray Fisher Talks Snyder Cut and Says His Time as Cyborg Isn’t Over Yet


The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement grows stronger every day and one of the biggest supporters of Zack Snyder from day one has been Ray Fisher who was cast as Cyborg. A lot of rumors have been thrown out there that Ray is done as Cyborg and that Warner Bros. has no plans to move forward with a Cyborg film, but that has not stopped Ray from staying positive. SuperBroMovies attended the Celebrity Fan Fest where Ray made an appearance and spoke not only about his time as Cyborg but he also spoke about the Snyder Cut.

When asked about any future Cyborg films, Ray replied

“That is a little above my pay grade, I do not think my time is over yet”

There were rumors that both Ezra and Ray’s contracts were up in May but there has been no official word from Warner Bros on their status.

When it comes to the Snyder Cut that is topic that seems to gain momentum each day and even with Zack Snyder confirming there is a cut of his film and that it is up to Warner Bros to release it, that has not stopped the doubters and the detractors. Ray was asked about the cut to which he replied

“If I had the power, absolutely. If Cyborg was around he’d drop it”

No one knows if or when we will ever see the Snyder Cut but with the interest still there maybe Warner Bros will release it one day in the not too distant future.

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