Recap of Season 8 Episode 1 of ‘Game of Thrones’


So we finally reached the season premier of Game of Thrones. So what happened? Well….only one person died that we had seen before (The poor Umber boy) so that was very un – Game of Thrones. However, a bunch of truths were revealed. Mostly thanks to that life of the party Bran. But more on him later. We opened with the Unsullied, Denaerys, Jon, the Dothraki, and the two Dragons making their arrival to Winterfell. Sansa extended a reluctant welcome but the Northerners were not happy to see their guests. Why? They were not Northerners.

Sansa is not happy that Denaerys and her entourage are there. She sees them as a drain on their resources that she had not planned for. Lyanna Mormont is also not happy that her “King of the North” had apparently abandoned them to side with non-northerners. Tyrion spoke up in defense of Jon and told them that soon the Lannister army would join them. I do have to give Sansa credit about one thing. She knew Cersei was lying about sending any of her soldiers to Winterfell. If Tyrion believed it, either he is being naive or he’s up to something. That’s when Bran decided to give them the 911 on what had happened and what was coming. Dead Dragons, Walls collapsing, Dead on the March…that kind of thing.

Meanwhile, Euron had arrived with the Golden Company. Cersei rewarded Euron for his efforts of bringing the Mercenaries (sans Elephants…much to Cersei’s disappointment) by giving him what he made clear he wanted from the beginning, King’s Landing Matching Wine Glasses…OK, not really. He got him some of what a whole lot of men have gotten from Cersei, it’s just usually their related to her. Speaking of Cersei, I’m even more convinced now that Cersei was either lying about her pregnancy….or she plans to use the actual pregnancy to not only control Jaime but Euron as well. Speaking of Cersei, she sent Qyburn to recruit Bronn to kill both Jaime and Tyrion if they survived the battle against the dead. He was given multiple chests of gold and the crossbow that Tyrion had used to kill Tywin. Poetic Justice as Cersei saw it. What Bronn decides to do will be of some interest.

Denaerys learns her Dragons are not eating very much and assumes it is because they dislike the north and the cold. Her and Jon decide to take them for a spin which gives us one of the great lines from the episode when Jon asks what he should do if the Dragon doesn’t WANT him to ride. She smiles and tells him, “Well then I have enjoyed your company Jon Snow.” So we get the long awaited scene of the two Targaryen’s in flight on their Dragons. Put a big check mark next to that fan theory. They also took some face time…if you know what I mean but Jon was concerned the Dragons weren’t sure they liked him kissing their “Momma.”

Later, Jon reunited with Bran but trying to get a warm reaction out of Bran these days is like trying to hug a tree. He also reunited with Arya and it was about as warm a greeting as he has mustered in a while. He truly loves his little sister and after comparing weaponry, he asks her where she had been because he could have used her help in his dealings with Sansa. He jokingly says that Sansa thinks she know everything. He is taken a bit aback when Arya defends Sansa as the smartest person she knows. Of course, he is going by the relationship he remembered them having when they were both younger. Arya tells him Sansa is thinking about the family. Jon mentions that Sansa needs to remember that he is family too. Arya tells John he should remember that as well.

As the reunions continued, Arya reunited with both Gendry, who was fashioning weapons out of Dragonglass and the Hound who reminded her she left him for dead. She reminded him that she robbed him first…get it straight. He told her: “You’re a cold little bitch, aren’t you? Guess that’s why you’re still alive.” Ahhh, the Hound…ever the wordsmith.

Moving on, when we last saw Theon, he had pledged to save his sister Yara. He now made good on that promise leading a group of Iron Born to set her free. She rewarded him by head butting him. Probably for that little matter of Theon abandoning her to Euron’s Clutches. Anyway they got back on board their ships and Yara told Theon that Euron had left the Iron Island unprotected. She wanted to take back her home. Theon however, wanted to go back to Winterfell to fight with the Starks. She gave him her blessing, telling him the Iron Island motto, “What is dead may never die – but kill the bastards anyway.” Good Advice.

Ser Jorah leads Denaerys to find Sam to thank him for saving Jorah from the GreyScale. Sam being Sam acts like it wasn’t a big deal but she could pardon him for “borrowing” a few books from the Citadel and for taking the Family Sword. That’s when Dany felt compelled to tell Sam about the “cookout” his Father and Brother was invited to for refusing to bend the knee. Naturally Sam was upset but before he could even process it, he runs into Bran who tells him it is time to tell Jon about his lineage. Really Bran? It couldn’t wait?? Even for a few moments to give Sam a chance to think about what he was just told?

Sam then goes down to the Stark family crypt where he finds Jon. He asks Jon if he knew about what happened to his Father and Brother. Jon did not but he tried to defend it telling Sam he too had killed people for refusing to obey him. Sam countered that he had also spared people. Jon reminded him that he was not a King when that happened. Sam then told him that yes he was a King, he had always been one. From there, Sam told Jon about his parentage. He told him based on what he learned in the Citadel and on whatever it is that Bran bases his information on. However, instead of questioning the  validity of the information, Jon was mainly concerned that the most honorable man he ever knew, Ned Stark, had lied to him. Sam told him that Ned was protecting him, as he promised his sister Lyanna he would. Robert would have killed Jon had he known. Still, that’s a lot of information to process… for both of them.

Getting back to Bran, he is kind of like the neighborhood peeping Tom. Every time you turn your head, there he is staring at you. I AM curious of what he saw in his visions that made it clear to him that Jon needed to know the truth about his lineage NOW. What was the rush? They did have more pressing Dead people to fry.

Finally we see Jaime Lannister make his arrival at Winterfell and who is there? Bran staring at him like Jaime pushed him out a window or something. Which of course is how this whole thing started. Roll credits and we’re off. Episode one down, only five to go. What did you think of Episode One? Share your feelings about it and what you expect next week with us at GVNation.