Reshoots Have Pushed The Budget For ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ To Over 200 Million


It should come as no surprise to any fan of the superhero genre that making these movies is an expensive proposition. That is true whether it is a Marvel, DC, or Fox film. Visual effects cost money. Reshoots cost money. So when it is announced that X-Men: Dark Phoenix approached the 200 million mark for their budget, it would seem to be the price of doing business in the superhero world. The real test however, will be how much money the film makes upon release. Big budgets are fine if your movie makes enough money to pay for the party. While films like the original Avengers cost 220 million, if it returns over a billion in worldwide boxoffice, it allows the studio to have the confidence to spend that extra money without fear of a loss. The last X-Men film Apocalypse made less than half that much.

So the news here is not that its budget reached 200 million, its will it do well enough at the box office to warrant the money spent. Time will tell. Are you excited about the next X-Men film? Do you feel like the extra money spent and time required will be worth it in the end? Share your thoughts with us at GVNation.