‘RESIDENT EVIL’ Reboot Loses James Wan As Producer


James Wan may be getting a lot of praise for the upcoming Aquaman movie, but before being set to direct the DC film, this director was mostly known for his work on horror films such as Insidious, Saw, and The Conjuring. Wan was supposed to be producing the reboot for Resident Evil, but according to an interview with Bloody Disgusting, this is no longer on the menu.

“I’m not doing that anymore,” Wan said. “That has been dropped.”

On top of this disappointment, Wan went on to describe the frustration of the reboot and his involvement being announced too early:

“They announce that I’m attached to a lot of stuff and a lot of them are not necessarily real. It’s kind of annoying when things come and go, or things never came in the first place. I hate it when my projects get announced. It makes it seem like I’m attached to a lot of things when in fact I’m not necessarily doing so many things. A lot of my stuff just get announced and I don’t want them to be announced but people love to announce them.”

Though this is not something fans want to hear, Wan is still connected to Train to Busan, and Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers, which Wan described as:

“A fucking honor. Geez, Stephen King, how can you not be honored by that and to have Stephen’s blessing on that”

Are you disappointed to hear that Wan will not be producing the Resident Evil reboot?