Reynolds: There Probably Won’t Be A ‘Deadpool 3’


Since the release of Deadpool 2, speculation about the possibility of a third film have been clouded in the unknown. With the finalization of the Fox/Disney merger still proceeding and the effects that might have on future productions, it would make it difficult to see the future, especially on ones known to lean toward an R rating. When you combine that with the work being done on X-Force as well as Once upon a DeadPool, you would forgive that thoughts about a DeadPool 3, would be put on the back burner.

It looks like however, if you take star Ryan Reynolds at his word, the possibility of a DeadPool 3 has been taken off the stove completely. In a recent interview with X-Men Origins: Wolverine co-star Hugh Jackman on Sunday TODAY, host Willie Geist explained how Reynolds had told him last month that “there probably won’t be another standalone Deadpool movie.” Considering the aforementioned reasons stated, while this might be disappointing, it is not totally unexpected. The type of restraints that the Disney merger might place on a production like DeadPool would probably make it difficult to make the kind of film they have in the past. However, like in most things in Hollywood, things might change and nothing advances change like dollar signs.

Would you be disappointed if there was not a DeadPool 3, or would you care as long as the character shows up in other films, i.e. X-Force or some other vehicle? Share your hopes for the DeadPool character with us at GVNation.