Riverdale Season 3, Episode 2: Fortune and Men’s Eyes Recap


Jughead and Betty dig deeper into the Gargoyle King, Veronica tries to keep normality, and Archie adjusts to life behind bars.

Following last week’s season 3 premiere, this episode is kind of dealing with the fallout from Archie accepting the deal and going to juvie. Veronica is left alone and is desperate to free her innocent boyfriend, but while he is gone, she takes it upon herself to make sure everything is the way Archie left it when he returns. However, Cheryl takes Archie’s absence as a one-way ticket to being student body president and immediately brings it to principal Weatherby’s attention, sparking a feud between and Veronica.

Meanwhile, Jughead is still left trying to figure out just what the heck he encountered in the forest, and he enlists none other than Betty Cooper to help him. During their investigation, they find out that Dilton Doiley died from drinking blueberry flavored cyanide, and that his pal, Ben Button, is barely clinging to life from doing the same thing. Betty calls in the coroner, only to find that the new coroner is Dr. Curdle’s son because Dr. Curdle has died (RIP). Nonetheless, the new coroner shows Betty and Jughead Doiley’s body, revealing 3 very strange markings. While at the hospital, Ben’s mom reveals that Ethel stopped by and left an awfully creepy talisman for Ben, which sparks the idea that Ethel could have more to do with this than she’s revealing. When the two go talk to her, she reveals that she, along with Doiley and Button, have been in Doiley’s bunker all summer playing Gryfons and Gargoyles. When they search Doiley’s bunker, they find the cyanide, along with a bunch of drawings of the creature they encountered in the woods, the Gargoyle King. When they return to confront Ethel, she breaks into a seizure; they then go pay Ben Button a visit at the hospital, where he says he’s going to be with Dilton and proceeds to fall out of the hospital window to his death.

All the while, Archie is having a hard time adjusting to juvie. His new bunkmate, Mad Dog, refuses to talk to him, and Jughead’s plan to make him a Serpent backfires when Joaquin tells Archie to prove himself by stabbing a Ghoulie, which Archie refuses to do and loses the protection of the Serpents.  Not too far after, Archie gets beaten up by a group of Ghoulies, and gets his shoes taken from him. Behind the motivation of Mad Dog, and by putting his fancy new shoes up for grabs, Archie convinces the other inmates to participate in a friendly game of football. Everything is going fine and dandy until Hiram Lodge shows up and gives the signal for the corrupt warden to release his officers resulting in an all-out brawl in the yard. When Archie gets back to his cell, Mad Dog’s stuff is gone, and the officer tells Archie that Mad Dog died during the brawl; however, Mad Dog wasn’t even at the game, so I don’t really think he’s dead.

Something else that happened during this episode was that all the parents got together for a closed doors meeting regarding Doiley’s death and the blueberry cyanide. From the sound of it, something happened like this while they were in high school as they vowed to never talk about it again. Certainly, this will be explored upon in the coming episodes, especially considering that EW released some set photos from episode 4 of this season that shows the kids portraying their parents in what appears to be a flashback episode.

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