Rob Liefeld’s Last Deadpool Run Will be Deadpool: Badder Blood

Rob Liefeld created Deadpool and for that, we thank him. We’ll also have to thank him when he releases Deadpool: Badder Blood, which will be the graphic novel follow-up to his 2017 Deadpool: Bad Blood. Liefeld then added that this will be his last dance with Wade Wilson. Liefeld posted on Instagram to make the announcement.

Along with this upcoming project, Liefeld is also working on a mini-series called Major X, which will introduce a new X-Men character, as he explained:

“Major X comes from a realm, another plane, called ‘The X-istence.’ It is populated only by mutants. It’s their special place. They’re happy. They’re living in harmony. The events that cause this portal to open, and for this ‘The X-istence’ to exist at all are subjects we deal with, and we answer. The absolute formation of The X-istence. Major X hails from there, and his home, the reason he’s here encountering the current modern-day Marvel mutant landscape, is because The X-istence has been destroyed, and he is on a journey to restore his home.”

Are you looking forward to Deadpool: Badder Blood and how do you feel knowing this is Liefeld’s last run with Deadpool?

Source: CB