Robin Lord Taylor Describes How the Penguin Assumes Control of Gotham


Aristotle once said that “Nature abhors a vacuum.” It is this concept that Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor reveals is the basis of his Penguin’s control of Gotham. In a conversation with CBR, Taylor explains the circumstances the Penguin used to his advantage and his position in “No Man’s Land.”

As most people would see Gotham being cut off from the rest of the world as something to be panicked about, Penguin saw an opportunity, and this is his chance. There’s a vacuum there of control, and so he puts himself in City Hall because let’s not forget he was mayor once. So in a very twisted Gotham way, he is the most qualified person for that position. There’s been a vacuum of power in the city and… also, he really does believe that he’s doing the right thing. Like, someone needed to be there to organize, to make sure — you know — some system of order is in place and he rebuilds it in his image. So he starts off in a very high place of power in Season 5.

When it comes to all the other power players in Gotham, Taylor saw each of them having their place in the order and each of them had a role. Although that wouldn’t stop any of them from taking advantage if the opportunity arose. It is part of what will make the final season of Gotham, must see TV. Are you excited to see what the last season of Gotham has in store? From what has been reported, it will villain filled thrill ride. Share your thoughts and fill OUR vacuum here at GVNation.