Rotten Tomatoes Is Making Some Big Changes But Is It For The Better?

Rotten Tomatoes is not everyone’s best friend when it comes to their favorite films and they have even been called out by filmmakers for its site Fresh/Rotten scores. The site is making some changes that could potentially make things better. The long running critic aggregate site announced today that it would be changing its critic criteria. Rotten Tomatoes via Entertainment Weekly had this to say regarding its changes

“In revamping our Critics Criteria, we sought to bring the criteria into better alignment with the way media works today, to promote the inclusion of more voices that reflect the varied groups of people who consume entertainment, and to maintain the high standards we’ve always set for inclusion in the group of Tomatometer-approved critics.”

Rotten Tomatoes changes include

  1. Podcast and video reviews will now be considered in overall scores, alongside written reviews.
  2. Critic certification rules have been relaxed, so that “prolific reviewers who might not be full-time employees of a known publication,” are also eligible for the site. “Insight, Audience, Quality, and Dedication” are the criteria mentioned for a potential reviewer.
  3. There’s also a tease that other changes will be revealed in forthcoming “waves” of announcements.

You can find the complete list of criteria as well as an application to apply for becoming a Rotten Tomatoes critic here.

How do you feel about these changes? Will it make the site worse or do you think it will be good for the future of criticism? Leave us a comment below.


Source: Rotten Tomatoes (via ComicBook)