Rupert Wyatt: Failure of ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Responsible for ‘Gambit’ Not Being Made


Once upon a time there was the plans for a film. It would star Channing Tatum as the titular X-Men hero Gambit and Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt would helm the film. Storylines were discussed, a script was being prepared but in the end, it didn’t happen. The reasons are numerous but if you were to ask Wyatt, the reason was the failure of the Fantastic Four reboot.

The Fantastic Four was supposed to be a reimagining of the iconic comic tale for Fox following the previous films Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Unfortunately, fans found the changes made too different for comic purest  to accept and it failed at the box office, badly. According to Wyatt, it was this failure that induced Fox studios to reduce their budget for the possible Gambit film. As much as Wyatt and crew tried to adapt, they found they could not with the time allotted, as he describes in an interview with The Beat:

It simply came down to budget. There was not enough. You know all too well about the politics of the business. Fantastic Four had been released by Fox a month before and had not gone well for them, so our budget was slashed quite considerably. The inevitable, from my perspective was, ‘Well then we need to rewrite the script to tailor to our budget’, but we were too close to a start date for Fox to really want to go there, so unfortunately, it just didn’t work out.

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