Rupert Wyatt Wants To Develop Movie Based On RAGMAN


Rupert Wyatt was set to direct Gambit for Fox but know that Disney will soon own Fox there will be no Gambit, so know Rupert Wyatt has his eyes set on Ragman.

The people over at Comicbook talked to Rupert Wyatt and this is what he had to say,

“I think Ragman is an untapped gold mine,” Wyatt says. “I love that character from DC.”

The guys over at Comicbook asked Wyatt if he’s thought about a potential Ragman story. This was his response,

“I never really fully thought it through, but I remember reading the comics and really digging him,” mentions Wyatt. “So yeah. I just think there’s something to be done there. I love the fact that he was a Vietnam vet as well. I mean, you form with the adapted to the modern day, I think there’s a notion of what it means to be a veteran coming back to peacetime or a society like ours today after a time of war. That’s a story that really interests me.”

For those that want to get to know Ragman more check out at Comic Vine

In the current Ragman Six issue Mini-Series, we get a new version of his origin. In this, he is serving in the United States Military. He and his four other comrades go on an unauthorized search for treasure in an Israeli holy temple. After finding the treasure they find they haven’t much time to celebrate, as some kind of demons come to kill them. When the demons are killing his comrades, the rags come from a tomb and wrap around Regan, with this he finds the strength to escape, but his partners weren’t so lucky.

For me, I would like to see Rupert Wyatt’s take on Ragman. What do you all think of this news? Would you like to see a Ragman story? Comment down below.