Ryan Reynolds “Apologizes” For Dissing Deadpool Creator

By now, we know to expect Deadpool to break the fourth wall in his films. Nothing and no one is safe. This is from the same guy who went back in time during the second film’s mid-credit scene to literally kill himself (Ryan Reynolds) before the Green Lantern movie could be made. In a world where Terry Crews is literally brought on screen only to be horrifically killed moments later, did we expect Wade Wilson to not even throw his very own creator under the bus?

In the post above, you can hear Wade commenting on Domino; arguably one of the best characters in the film. Of course, Wade is skeptical of Domino’s powers and comments on the creator of her, who happens to be his creator as well. If you can see from the caption, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld doesn’t hold any grudges over Deadpool’s criticism of Domino, in fact; enjoying the shoutout. Which, Ryan Reynolds “apologized” for.

Deadpool 2 Rob Liefeld Ryan Reynolds

You can find this joke and all others in Deadpool 2, which is no available to watch on Blu-Ray/DVD and Digital HD.