Ryan Reynolds is Still Looking for Who Leaked ‘Deadpool’ Test Footage

It’s hard to think of anyone as the Merc with the Mouth other than Ryan Reynolds. Although he is pretty much Deadpool incarnate, there was once upon a time where it didn’t seem like we’d ever get a proper version of Wade Wilson. Reynolds is a great actor and sarcastically funny, but his rendition of the well-known superhero in X-Men Origins: Wolverine left much to be desired. With swords coming out of his knuckles, his mouth stitched up tight, and strange drawings on his body, this was not the version of Deadpool we were hoping for.

This was neither the case for Reynolds himself. Four years ago, though; test footage was leaked for a Deadpool movie. We saw Reynolds in the red suit, exactly how we had always pictured a live-action Wade Wilson. This test footage helped fans get hyped for a protentional solo film and essentially greenlit the whole project.

Apparently, Ryan Reynolds is still curious who exactly leaked the footage. In typically Deadpool manner, it doesn’t seem like he’s too thrilled that the studio greenlit the movie, thus catapulting Reynolds into a multi-film future where we fans continuously need more of the R-Rated humor Wilson provides. Although, I’m pretty sure it was Reynolds who leaked out the footage, knowing if he was given the proper platform, he could do Deadpool justice.

You can check out the test footage below and see how it compares to what made it on screen for the first Deadpool movie.