Sam Wilson As Captain America Nearly Made His Debut in Spider-Man Far From Home

Since we know now that Spider-Man:Far From Home puts a big bow on the MCU Phase 3 Universe, we almost received a glimpse of the future involving the new Captain America. Comicbook.Com revealed what almost was in a recent conversation with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and creative executive Eric Carroll.

We briefly talked about bringing in Falcon as Captain America at the end, like maybe once Peter’s arced, and he’s sort of like leading the team, like maybe he calls in a favor,” Carroll explained. “But we also thought it was really important to the arc of this movie that there not be other Avengers available to Nick Fury or Peter, so he’d have to step up and do it himself.

As it is, the film is setup to give Tom Holland’s Spider-Man the opportunity to prove himself and justify the late Tony Stark’s faith in him. As Kevin Feige explained:

Ultimately, Spider-Man: Far From Home is Spider-Man’s journey, whether any other heroes appear in it or not. “It’s all about Peter stepping up,” Feige added, “And Peter getting out of the shadow, not just of Tony but of the Avengers in general. Because by the way, he’s Spider-Man. He doesn’t need to be in the shadow of the Avengers…

While this is Spider-Man’s film, are you disappointed not to get a glimpse of the new Cap? Perhaps you believe they made the right decision and should save Sam’s debut for when it is more about him? Share your thoughts about what could have been with us at GVNation.

Source: Comicbook.Com