Samuel L. Jackson Recalls Nick Fury, Desk Jockey in ‘Captain Marvel’


It was revealed from the last credit scenes in Avengers Infinity War that Nick Fury obviously had a relationship with the soon to be introduced Captain Marvel. I mean, c’mon, she was the last girl he contacted before he dusted off this mortal coil…if you don’t count Maria Hill.  So it makes sense that story of  Carol Danvers will explore her relationship to Nick, before he left in a cloud of dust.

It is that relationship that Sam Jackson describes as an important one, for both of their characters. At that time, Nick was just starting his Shield career, having just come out of the army and piloting…a desk as he explains in an interview with Empire.

He’s been out of the army for a while, and he’s basically riding a desk in the newly created S.H.I.E.L.D.

It turns out that Carol Danvers will constitute Fury’s first extraterrestrial contact which is good news for Fury. As you can imagine, sitting at a desk is not his preferred job as Jackson explains:

He’s kind of bored! He doesn’t go in the field and do a lot of stuff. He’s doing threat assessment, and there’s not a lot of ways to do that that are exciting.

As you can imagine, encountering a being with the power Carol Danvers yields will be a life changing event for Fury, and as Jackson tells it, perhaps a way for Carol to rediscover a life she left behind.

The fact he helps her rediscover her history bonds them in a very real and genuine way. He becomes an integral part of who she is and how she sees the rest of the universe.

Are you ready to see what Marvel has in store for the fans when Brie Larson as Captain Marvel hits the theaters. Maybe we will see who Fury trusted that cost him an eye? Share your insights with us at GVNation.