Samurai Jack Creator’s New Series Primal Picked Up by Adult Swim


Dexter’s Laboratory and Samurai Jack were two cartoon staples of any 90s kids growing up and from the creator of these two shows will come Primal. Genndy Tartakovsky’s latest project has been picked up by Adult Swim and will include 30-minute episodes about a caveman who befriends a dinosaur on the brink of extinction.

The caveman and dinosaur are bonded by tragedy and will become the only hope for survival in the violent, primordial world that Tartakovsky has created.

This isn’t the first time his work has been featured on Adult Swim; the original four seasons of Samurai Jack aired on Cartoon Network, but the fifth and final season aired on Adult Swim in 2017 – receiving critical and public praise. With Tartakovsky’s successful track record, there’s no doubt that Primal will be added to his list of achievements.

Source: Deadline