Shazam! Sneak Peek Shown At CCXP

It’s been a busy weekend for CCXP with Marvel owning the day yesterday with its Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home panels but today DC got a chance to show off it’s upcoming superhero film Shazam! and based on this description from Luiz Fernando it sounds amazing.

I want to see this scene right now! As a Superman fan it brings joy to my face but I’m also sad thinking we might not ever see Levi and Cavill on the same screen together. Superman and Shazam would be a huge moment for the DCEU. Also based on this it seems Mark Strongs Dr. Sivana is not to be messed with. Last time we saw Mark in a DC film was Green Lantern as Sinestro. What a wasted opportunity that was. I’m glad to see Mark back and hopefully not for the last time.

How does this description make you feel about the film? Are you hyped for Shazam? Drop us a comment below and let us know.