‘SMALLVILLE’ Actor Phil Morris Would Love To Play Martian Manhunter Again


With the popularity of the CW’s Elseworld’s series and with fans fondness for characters from pre-Arrowverse shows like Smallville, there has been a call to have actors to possibly reprise their old roles. Perhaps in this fall’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, which is a sequel to Elseworlds. One actor who would be on board for that possibility is Phil Morris who portrayed the Martian Manhunter J’Onn J’Onzz or John Jones as he was referred to in Smallville. 

In a recent interview with  KSiteTVwhere he was promoting DC’s Doom Patrol, a series in which he plays Cyborg’s father Silas Stone (played in the movies by fellow Smallville alum Joe Morton), he discussed the topic.

I love John Jones. I just thought he was so fantastic, so the short answer is ‘yes,’ I would revisit John Jones in a heart beat, and lend his humanity – even though he is from Mars – and his abilities to the proceedings. If they were to ask, I would show up in a heartbeat, my brother.

The idea of former Smallville and Lois and Clark actors fulfilling a role in the current Arrowverse or perhaps in their own series has been a popular one lately. Much in the way that John Wesley Shipp’s Flash made his return in Elseworlds. Does that appeal to you to see the return of familar faces and characters? Share who you’d like to see with GVNation.

Source: ComicBook