Solomon Grundy to Be Introduced in DC Universe’s Stargirl


Solomon Grundy is a classic DC villain and he’s making his way to DC Universe’s upcoming Stargirl series. First introduced in All-American Comics #61, he was a late 19th-century businessman who was killed and then reanimated 50 years later. He has caused much trouble for many heroes such as Superman, Batman, and The Flash, despite initially being an enemy of the original Green Lantern.

Solomon Grundy is a hulking out monster with no memory of his past, so you can see why he’s caused so much trouble throughout the years. The most recent live-action adaptation of this character was Drew Powell’s rendition in Fox’s Gotham. There’s no news as to who would play him and what kind of part he’ll have in Stargirl, but the more we find out, the more you’ll know!

Are you excited for Solomon Grundy’s inclusion in Stargirl?

Source: Full Circle Cinema