Some Insight on Why Danny Boyle Left Bond 25

For some, Bond 25 and Danny Boyle were a match made in heaven. Boyle was super excited to take on the Bond sequel, which will be Daniel Craig’s final installment as 007. Only a few weeks before filming is supposed to take place, Boyle stepped away from the project. His reasoning was “creative differences”, which seems to be the reason many actors/directors use when walking away from films. And it happens all the time, but people couldn’t help, but be disappointed when they were all looking forward to Boyle’s involvement.

There’s news now, coming from a source at; that Daniel Craig had a problem with who Boyle wanted to bring on as the Russian villain. Boyle wanted to bring in Tomasz Kot, but as we know, not a lot happens without Craig’s say-so. When you’re a successful Bond actor, you tend to have a lot of freedom in your films. In case you didn’t know, Craig has actually had a say in all the Bond girls, insisting on Eva Green in Casino Royale.

As we hear more about who will replace Boyle, we’ll let you know!