Sony’s Kraven the Hunter Movie To Follow Kraven’s Last Hunt


Now that we can see what a financial success Sony’s new movie plan is with Tom Hardy’s Venom this past weekend, it’s now officially a-go with other projects such as Kraven the Hunter.

In an interview with screenwriter Richard Wenk, the movie will draw its inspiration from the comic book storyline Kraven’s Last Hunt. In this issue, from 1987; Sergei Kravinoff hunts down and even seemingly kills Spider-Man (not Spidey!). Kravinoff then takes the superhero’s suit and attempts to be Peter Parker’s alter ego, but this results in an epic showdown as, of course; the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is not dead.

While Wenk believes there’s a chance to bring in Spider-Man, which is something Sony originally stated they didn’t want to do; you never know. Peter Parker was quickly written into Captain America: Civil War as soon as Disney could do so, and with how popular the character is, they may want to reconsider, since *spoiler* he never showed up in Venom.

SuperBroMovies surmises that they may change the details slightly, where it’s Venom that Kravinoff would be hunting down, so to have better continuity in the Sony universe. What are your thoughts?

Source: Discussing Film (via SuperBroMovies)