Star Trek: The Next Generation Alum Cast in ‘Supergirl’

Supergirl has a multitude of exciting aspects about it. Not only has it featured the original Wonder Woman herself Lynda Carter and will be featuring the first transgender superhero, but it has now brought on a sci-fi veteran to add to their show. You may best know him as Lt. Data in Star Trek: The Next Genera, but Brent Spiner has had a long career appearing in movies and television shows.

Spiner will have a reoccurring role in Supergirl’s fourth season as Vice President Baker. As VP Baker, Spiner will play a character who is an unlikely leader, but will have to step up when it is called for. This is interesting, as I’m sure we’ll see what kind of situation would lead Baker into needing to put himself in a position that others wouldn’t picture him in. Considering Lynda Carter plays President Olivia Marsdin, it’s possible that this step up could be a result of either Marsdin being incapacitated or worse.

In order to find out what happens to President Marsdin and why Vice President Baker is forced to step in, tune into Sundays on the CW starting October 14th. Supergirl’s new timeslot makes them the only original content program on the CW on Sundays.