Storm To be More “Comic Book Accurate” In Dark Phoenix


As X-Men: Dark Phoenix approaches, we have news that Storm (played by Alexandra Shipp) will have new powers in the upcoming installment that will more closely resemble her powers in the comic books. It has always been a criticism that the two live-action renditions of the character Storm have been relatively “weak” compared to the comic book counterparts, so it seems like Simon Kinberg listened and allowed Shipp to be able to portray her character more accurately.

Shipp recently commented on what fans can expect at the ACE Comic-Con:

“Lots of new powers, lots and lots of new powers. It’s pretty cool. Obviously not new to Storm, but new to us as an audience, visually. She really does mess some people up. It’s pretty cool.”

Another confirmation is that Storm in Dark Phoenix will resemble Halle Berry’s adaptation and that there is no more mohawk that seemed to cause a stink during X-Men: Apocalypse. Considering this is the last time we’ll probably see Shipp’s Storm, it’s good to hear that it will be a good send-off. How do you feel about Storm becoming stronger in Dark Phoenix, which comes out June 7th?

Source: CBR