Stranger Things Season Three Release Date Revealed

It’s officially 2019 and although we’re still celebrating the new year, we have another holiday to look forward to. July 4th! A day of America’s Independence, a grand day for outside barbeques, and fireworks, and oh, Stranger Things Season Three.

Yes, you read that correctly. Just as the ball was dropping in Times Square, Stranger Thing’s official Twitter page released the premiere date for the highly-anticipated season. While the previous two seasons have dropped on Netflix around Halloween, the latest season will see our favorite kids in the summertime, evident by the fireworks in the following post.

There may be fireworks and some of the kids celebrating, Will and Eleven’s ominous stare back at the camera is evidence that not everything is sunny this summer. Stranger Things Season Three will be released on Netflix on July Fourth!

Happy New Year’s, everyone!