Strangers Things Sadie Sink and Millie Bobby Brown Talk About On Screen and Off Screen Friendship


Stranger Things second season brought new character Max, played by Sadie Sink. Sink returns for the third season of this hit Netflix show. Season two saw Max and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) at a bit of odds due to their feelings for Mike (Finn Wolfhard). According to the girls, though; we won’t see the tired love-triangle trope in season three. Sink and Brown have an offscreen friendship that has apparently helped shape how Max and Eleven interact on screen. During an interview with Nerdist, the girls spoke about their friendship and their characters’ onscreen interactions.

Sink stated:

“Most of the show for the first two season kind of revolves around the boys and their friendship. So it’s interesting to see two girls’ friendship, especially since we’re friends in life.”

Brown continued:

“We’re two powerful girls in real life. And we’re also two powerful girls in the show. So it’s putting two powerful female forces together. And girls that are tomboys like Max, and who are confused like Eleven, can see them together. It’s a really interesting dynamic.”

Brown then went into the “love-triangle” that had started a bit of “beef” between Max and Eleven:

“Max didn’t make the beef. It was totally Eleven. She was being so rude, why would she do that?.”

Sink added:

“Well, Eleven hasn’t met many girls her own age before, so when she saw Max she immediately saw her as a threat.”

Brown added about Eleven being in a relationship in season three:

“There’s good and bad stuff. It’s just kind of the fundamentals of a relationship and you have to learn to have that. Also, Eleven doesn’t know how to have a relationship, whether it’s with her father, her papa, with a boy, with herself – she doesn’t really know how to have a good relationship with herself, let alone a boy so it’s very new for her. It’s her first for everything this summer, which is really cool.”

Stranger Things season three hits Netflix July 4.

Source: Nerdist