SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE Titles Revealed

Superman fans, this one is for you!

DC Black Label has announced the debut of SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE from Frank Miller and John Romita Jr., which will begin this June. The first three issues will be released in June, August, and October – a collection will be available in November! Take a look at the covers for each issue below, but keep in mind that the logo treatment is not finalized and may change.

SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE is an origin story that will feature a young alien-boy finding his footing in a new world. He will be faced with the need to hide his heritage and find his humanity through the Kent family, which will define the man he becomes. We will see the choices that Clark Kent makes that will pave the path to become a legend and the issues will really touch upon the importance of being a hero.

You will be able to grab a hold of the first issue on June 19th.