Swamp Thing Could Get a Film; Would Not Be a Continuation of TV Series


DC Universe’s Swamp Thing’s cancelation came as a shock to everyone. The second episode had just been released and reviews raved about how well-done the series was. There had been whispers of trouble when the show was cut from thirteen episodes to ten, but it still looked hopeful for the Vertigo/DC Comics-based season. Whatever is the reason, the show has been axed, although the first (and only) season will still release episodes per week until the story is completed.

According to We Got This Covered, though; fans can still look forward to Swamp Thing content. In the form of a full-length movie!

“The initial goodwill around the DC Universe series and the backlash against the cancellation seems to have inspired the studio to consider doing something with the character on the big screen.”

Bloody Disgusting also confirms the validity of the report, although it’s all very premature. It should be noted as well that this movie would not be a continuation of the DC Universe series. They would recast, but producer James Wan would be involved.

Would you want a Swamp Thing movie, even though it would not pick up the story that has been told in the series on the DC Universe app? Let us know.