Sylvester Stallone’s Edgar Allan Poe Passion Project Dates Back Decades

As unusual as it may seem, legendary actor Sylvester Stallone, known for films such as the Rocky, Rambo, and Expendables franchises; is going to be helming a biopic for one of the greatest authors of all time – Edgar Allan Poe. It’s a project he’s apparently been working on for a few decades now. On his official Instagram, the actor posted a video of him bringing up drafts of a script for this biopic that date back to at least 1979:

“It’s a never-ending journey, and I would hate myself if I don’t continue it at least to the best of my ability and try to see it, actually, come to fruition. To be able to go out there and say, ‘I accomplished it. It may have taken 45 years-50 years, but it’s done.’ Anyway. That’s what I’m working on. It’s been one of the great challenges of my life.”

He also posted a picture of himself in full Poe costume:

“The only surviving picture that has never been seen anywhere before… The first serious screenplay I ever wrote was about the great writer Edgar Allan Poe, at one time I had aspirations to play him and this was part of the costume design… But I realized I wasn’t really right for the part, so this is all that remains. Maybe someday I’ll direct, who knows?”

Poe’s work has transcended time and no matter who you are, his work is enjoyed by all. Would a Poe biopic starring Stallone be something you’d like to see? Obviously, this is a passion project for him, so it’d be interesting to see how it pans out.

Source: Revenge of the Nerds