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Funko Vinyl Pop Review: Jack Skellington (Diamond-Glitter Exclusive)

“That’s right. I AM THE PUMPKIN KING!” Halloween is quickly approaching so make sure to get your hands on the latest The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Vinyl Figure range at Pop In A Box. Trick or treat your friend or family member to the Glitter Diamond Exclusive protagonist, Jack Skellington. He arrives in an exclusively stickered window presentation box and Mister Skellington stands at 3/4 tall. Just look at his gleaming smile with his well presented pose along with a styled design of colour and clothes which reconstructs the film moment which was created by the talented, Tim Burton. The
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Does Latest ‘War Machine’ Action Figure Show Rhodey’s ‘End Game’ Look?

When you’re getting ready to release a blockbuster action film, if there is merchandising involved, you normally try to get a jump start on production so it will coincide with the film’s release. The issue you tend to run into is that preview samples of that merchandise can give away some of the details you were hoping to keep under wraps. This appears to be the case with the preview of the Avengers End Game War Machine action figure. While the general design of the armor appears to be similar to the suit that Rhodey wore in Avengers Infinity War
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