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Anthony Mackie Learned The Climatic Ending of ‘Endgame’ from Chris Evans

By now, everyone knows about the Russo Brothers policy of only revealing parts of the script to the actors on a need to know basis. Their theory that it protects the actor from having too much knowledge to have to safeguard is a good way to avoid plot points from being leaked. It also sometimes means the actors are in the dark about something important that is about to happen in the story. Such was the case at the end of Avengers End Game and the climatic scene with Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson. [Spoiler] Steve, who had went back
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Altered Carbon Reveals Cast, Old and New Faces

The first season of Netflix’s Altered Carbon was released last year around February and we’re now getting some more insight on the next installment of this futuristic sci-fi show. Based off of novels under the same name, the uniqueness of this world is the use of “sleeves” where a person can literally change their body. So, it makes perfect sense that in the first season we had Joel Kinnaman portray main character Takeshi Kovacs and now Marvel’s own Anthony Mackie will be taking the lead. In a Twitter post, the official page gave us a small tease at the new
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