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Skrull Shapeshifting Explained At CCXP

To piggy back off our Captain Marvel CCXP footage, we now have learned just how the Skrulls shapeshift in the movie. Another comment about the #CaptainMarvel exclusive footage @CCXPoficial. The #Skrulls seem to transform in layers. It does not look like a cosmetic change, but rather their innards are revolving. There is clearly pain in the process. — Lodix (@lodix1) December 8, 2018 This seems like some excellent detail and will for sure be one to witness in the film. The Skrulls will be lead by Talos who is played by veteran actor Ben Mendelsohn. Words cannot really describe
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Jason Bateman To Direct And Star In ‘THE OUTSIDER’

CainanCainan is a walking talking Superman fanboy since age 2! He has been a lover of movies since he could understand them which was probably around the age of 5. Geeking out to He-Man, G.I. Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and just about every other Saturday morning cartoon. An old school action flick kind of guy, he grew up with Arnold, Stallone, and Willis keeping him company. He is also big into technology and video games. From the classic NES to the PS4, he has played them all. He runs the Geek Vibes Nation Twitter account and is also the
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Ben Mendelsohn Offers Explanation Of Where Carol Danvers Has Been During The Current MCU

With the upcoming Captain Marvel movie details being released, it might make one wonder where the character has been during the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ben Mendelsohn explains that the reason might be that she needed the time away to recover from the film’s events. Mendelsohn should know as he will be playing the role of Talos, the Skrull leader. While talking to EW, Mendelsohn explained that fans will be hard-pressed not to root for Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, but her story will take a toll on her and might explain why she has been away. “It’s very touching, actually,” Mendelsohn said.
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