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Tim Seeley Discusses Bloodshot, The Industry, and #WhoWouldWin

Tim Seeley Discusses Bloodshot, the industry, and #WhoWouldWin I had the pleasure of interviewing legendary comic book writer and artist Tim Seeley at Chicago’s C2E2 2019 event. His credits include the groundbreaking (at least in my opinion) Hack/Slash, G.I. Joe vs Transformers, and Revival. He’s also the writer of one of my all time favorite titles, ‘Loaded Bible’ which tells the all too familiar tale of Jesus coming back in a post apocalyptic world in order to fight the vampire overlords who control it. You know…the usual type of Jesus story.   In this interview Tim Seeley discusses the staying
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New Video Hints That Vin Diesel Has Joined the New Avatar Film

It’s been years since the first Avatar movie, but in case you haven’t been keeping up with fandom news, four sequels are in the works. While we are expected to get stars like Zoe Saldana back, it seems like Saldana will be joined by another Marvel regular in the next installment. A new video revealed Vin Diesel on set interacting with the director and the actor hints that working with him is a dream come true, to which James Cameron jokes that he will have to “erase Diesel’s memory for what he’s seen”. View this post on Instagram And the
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Valiant Gives Bloodshot New Upgraded Series Ahead of Upcoming Sony Movie

With Bloodshot making his way to the big screen with Vin Diesel starring as the machine-man assassin in February, the comic book studio Valiant will roll out a new upgraded series that will launch in September. This reload will be founded by Valiant bringing in writer Tim Seely and artist Brett Booth for the upcoming series that will be symbiotic with the new film. Declan Shalvey will illustrate the covers and a trade paperback that will collect the first three monthly issues will arrive in December. Here is an exclusive preview: Valiant will also bring a special Bloodshot adventure as
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