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Castle Rock Returns to Hulu with Kingly Additions

The first season of Castle Rock on Hulu was a fun treat for Constant Readers of Stephen King. Even though the series had Easter eggs galore of his properties, including the fictional Maine town of the series namesake, there was only one real character from one of his works. With the return of Sheriff Alan Pangborn, the protagonist in two of his previous works, the first season felt left the unofficial sequel to Needful Things as the story was completely original with no consultation from the man himself. If the news today is any indication of where the second season
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Castle Rock’s Jane Levy Open to play ‘Batgirl’

It’s rare for a fan-cast to turn up as the actual character, but for Batgirl fans, the spark is alive and shining bright. Castle Rock star Jane Levy says that she is honored to be considered as a true Barbara Gordon by fans. Although it’s reported that Batgirl won’t make an appearance in the upcoming Warner Bros. Birds of Prey movie, it seems that Levy would take any role in the DCU. “I don’t know who Huntress or Black Canary [are]. 100%, I’m in. Thank you for getting me a job. Yes, I’m in.” Levy told MTV during her SDCC
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