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Fan-Casting Well-Known DC Villains

While it is the studios that decide on who gets to play what role, it is fun to sit and pick an actor or actress who you can see portraying a comic book character. Everyone has their fan-favorites and some may seem as unlikely as ever, but despite perhaps not being as exposed to the big wigs that determine the casting, it doesn’t mean certain people wouldn’t absolutely nail a role. That’s what I’d like to do today; give my completely personal opinionated choices for certain DC villains. Now this list is small and probably won’t match a lot of
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Halsey as Poison Ivy!?

Earlier on Twitter Halsey was asked to play Poison Ivy in the Dc films and by the looks of the tweet should love to play Poison ivy and even Catwoman. Saying, “I FUCKING WISH !!!!!” for Poison Ivy and for Catwoman, “Also a big yes from me” I FUCKING W I S H !!!!! — h (@halsey) January 28, 2019 Also a big yes from me — h (@halsey) January 28, 2019 Knowing the internet many people might not like that, but please remember Gal Gadot wasn’t an actress at first but for me, she killed it in Fast
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