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Comic Review: The War of the Realms #5

We’re back again with Marvels latest comic-book event, The War of the Realms! The God of thunder is back from his battle with the Frost Giants and with his new metal arm, he’s ready for war. The heroes of Earth are mounting their counter-attack, accompanied by their allies from the other conquered realms. War of the Realms issue #5 yet again takes the reader on a trip around the world, at breakneck pace choosing to showcase various heroes rather than stopping to focus on a few. It certainly sells the “war” in War of the Realms but It does lead
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Comic Review: Honor and Curse #3

The tranquil world of 14th century Japan just got a whole lot bigger in every conceivable way thanks to Honor and Curse #3. Picking up after issue #2’s killer cliffhanger this issue still maintains the series kickass action but also does an impressive amount of world-building to expand more on its mysterious themes. What is the spirit that possesses Genshi? Where do Nishiro’s allegiances lie? How will Genshi survive? All of that and more are answered in Honor and Curse #3. Plot Honor and Curse #3 is once again written by Mark London with artwork from Nicolas Salamanca, Tekino and,
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Comic Review: Assassin’s Creed: Last Descendeants Locus Issues 1-4

Assassin’s Creed: Locus is a short 4 part comic which acts as a tie-in for 2015’s Syndicate between the main game and Jack The Ripper DLC. Like most entries in the franchise, this comic is a mixed bag. Over its 4 issues, there’s a good few moments sprinkled throughout such as fantastic action that perfectly encapsulated the games own combat, a couple of decent laughs and a fair bit of fan service which if you enjoyed Syndicate you’ll appreciate. That being said there are also some major issues I had with the comic which whilst annoying thankfully don’t affect the
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