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Bautista Will Ask For Release From Contract If Original James Gunn Script Is Not Used

If there is one cast member of Guardians of the Galaxy that the firing of James Gunn is hitting hard, it’s Dave Bautista. The actor behind Drax the Destroyer has been very vocal about his feelings surrounding Gunn being let go from Disney, which came as a result after old tweets of his were resurfaced. I do urge those reading this article to not automatically jump to anger, as it’s easy to do so in this situation. There are many different factors and every cast member is entitled to their feelings in regards to a man they’ve worked with for
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Blue ain’t your color… A Comic Book Retrospective

When creating a character for a comic book, one of the important things writers and artists decide on is color. What does this character look like? What color is he or she and why? Most comic book efficionados know for instance that when the Incredible Hulk first appeared in May of 1962, he was grey. It was only in the 2nd issue that he became the “Green Goliath” that fans know now. Of course he has went thru a rainbow of different colors since then but green has never gone out of style. During those early days it was the
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