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EA Access Is Making Its Way To PS4

EA has officially confirmed that it’s subscription service, EA Access will be making its way to PS4 in July ending it’s Xbox exclusivity. No exact date has been announced as of yet, but it has been confirmed to be hitting PS4 sometime in July finally allowing PlayStation players to try out the service.  EA executive VP of strategic growth Matt Bilbey stated in a press release; “As we continue to invest in digital and subscription services, bringing our games to even more people across both consoles is an exciting opportunity for everyone. Our goal is to give players more choice
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Jedi Fallen Order: Everything You Need To Know, Second Sister Identity Revealed

We got our first glimpse at Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming title based in a galaxy far far away at this year’s Star Wars Celebration. Jedi fallen Order. The panel gave us an insight into the games development as well as some new characters, some really cool new troopers and a quick cinematic teaser starring Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime Cameron Monaghan as Cal Kestis the young padawan you will be playing as. Here’s everything you need to know. The game will be an action melee game set in between Episode III and IV during the Empire’s rise to power and shortly
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Why The Anthem Demo is a Troubling Start For Players

So after playing all that the Anthem demo has to offer over the last couple of days I have to say the game is looking to have a rough road ahead. Okay, that might sound really negative to start off with and I don’t want to just trash the game because Anthem has some things in it I genuinely love, but unfortunately, it appears the awful VIP demo wasn’t a one-off with many of its problems transitioning to the open demo too. The Good Let’s start off with the things I love about Anthem. The core gameplay is about as
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