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New Trailer for Jamie Bell and Frank Grillo’s Donnybrook

Get ready for a gritty, bare-knuckle fight in Donnybrook. First premiering in 2018 at the Toronto International Film Festival, it’s slated for release on February 15, 2019 by IFC. This film comes from Tim Sutton (Memphis, Dark Night) and will tell the tale of two men who will come to a head all for the prize of $100,000. Sutton spoke at TIFF about the violence in the movie and its correlation to America: “But you accept giant Armageddon-like movies for 20 years, and then you’re shocked when someone blows up a building. And the UFC—the cage fighting on TV—is more
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Underrated Villains of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s easy to remember such villains as Loki and Thanos. Even Killmonger in Black Panther is a well-known and well-spoken about antagonist within the MCU. But, despite there being a “villain problem” within the franchise that I cannot disagree with, there are still some baddies who have been overlooked and deserve more word of mouth than they get. Below are a few that I feel have been overlooked by audiences throughout the past decade of the Marvel Universe. Zemo How could a villain like Zemo, portrayed by Daniel Bruhl; not be talked about more? While
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