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‘Game of Thrones’: The Evolution of the Mountain, Pt. 1

As the final Season of HBO’s Game of Thrones draws near, one of the more highly anticipated events will be what fans have lovingly called: the “Clegane Bowl.” This is the much awaited clash of the Brothers Clegane. On one side, Ser Gregor Clegane, previously known by his very descriptive moniker, the “Mountain That Rides”or “The Mountain,” but now known as Ser Robert Strong, Resident Zombie, Kingsguard and personal protector for Queen Cersei Lannister. On the other side, his younger brother, Sandor Clegane known as the “Hound.” He was originally the personal protector for then Prince Joffrey Baratheon and later King Joffrey. This position ended
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‘Game of Thrones’ Star Maisie Williams Reveals the One Scene She Wasn’t Allowed to Watch

It’s hard to remember that Arya Stark’s star Maisie Williams was a very young girl when the show first started out. The characters of Game of Thrones may have grown up around violence, drinking, and plenty of sex, but the actors behind the scenes were young children just like you and I once were. At the age of 14, Williams was around plenty of NC-17 raciness that she described as being quite awkward to be around. “The sex was just quite ­embarrassing and awkward for us,” Williams says about her and Sophie Turner, who was only fifteen at the beginning
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If you’re going to “Crastinate,” be a Pro..

Do you remember the scene from the “Polar Express” where young Billy hesitates to get on the train and almost misses it? Fortunately for him, the “boy” (how come this kid doesn’t have a name?) pulls the emergency brake so he can get on. That my friends is an example of “procrastination.” I know all about procrastination. I started out as an amateur “crastinator” but thru the years I have become the “Pro” you WOULD see before you, if you were looking at me and not just reading this. Procrastination is why I have been a late comer to many
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