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Comic Review: Honor and Curse #3

The tranquil world of 14th century Japan just got a whole lot bigger in every conceivable way thanks to Honor and Curse #3. Picking up after issue #2’s killer cliffhanger this issue still maintains the series kickass action but also does an impressive amount of world-building to expand more on its mysterious themes. What is the spirit that possesses Genshi? Where do Nishiro’s allegiances lie? How will Genshi survive? All of that and more are answered in Honor and Curse #3. Plot Honor and Curse #3 is once again written by Mark London with artwork from Nicolas Salamanca, Tekino and,
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Comic Review: Honor and Curse #2

Jumping back to 14th century Japan in Honor and Curse Issue #2 we rejoin Genshi Sakagura on his quest to eventually become the shinobi of the Iga Clan. After the bombshell ending of the series debut issue, Honor and Curse #2 continues Genshis night-time troubles with his spiritual tormentor as well as developing his and Akemi’s relationship in some real mature and meaningful ways. Oh yeah, and its got even more kickass action than the first one. Plot Honor and Curse #2 written by Mark London with artwork from Nicolas Salamanca, Tekino, Miguel Angel Zapata, and edited by Giovanna T.
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Comic Review: Honor and Curse #1

The tale of a lost orphan, Genshi, who was taken in by his old mentor Nishiro after witnessing the death of his parent’s, he must now train to eventually become his clan’s Shinobi and lead them…Sounds hard enough already right? Well throw in some night terrors due to an evil spirit that haunts Genshi, a complicated relationship, and an impending battle and it looks like Genshi’s got a hard time ahead. On the plus side, we have ourselves an epic story in the form of Honor and Curse. Plot Mad Cave Studios are back with yet another epic comic; Honor
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