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Lake Mungo: Horror in Mourning

“I feel like something bad is going to happen to me. I feel like something bad has happened. It hasn’t reached me yet but it’s on its way.” -Alice Palmer Alice is dead. Drowned. She hadn’t been the same since a trip with her friends to Lake Mungo. Alice had lost her phone. Now, after a family outing, she’s dead. Her mother is in denial. Her father blames himself. Her brother has buried himself in work. The house is quiet, but not at rest… Lake Mungo is a dramatic horror film from 2008. It was made in the style of
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Don Mancini Teases Chucky TV Series in 2020

AjfairnotBeen a nerd my whole life. Started with anime and cartoon not soon after Films, Comic Books and Video Games became what I enjoyed as well. Star Wars is the great franchise, but I do love Star Trek, Lord of the Ring, and Harry Potter. I want the nerd community to be kind to each other. Stop sending threats to each other and celebrities. I would love to engage in intense debate about the things we all love, not yell at each other and call people idiots just because they don’t agree with your opinions. I also love sports, boxing
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James Wan Claims His Stake in Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot Adaptation

“There is no group therapy or psychiatry or community social services for the child who must cope with the thing under the bed or in the cellar every night, the thing which leers and capers and threatens just beyond the point where vision will reach. The same lonely battle must be fought night after night and the only cure is the eventual ossification of the imaginary faculties, and this is called adulthood.”  – Stephen King, Salem’s Lot, 1975 In his second published story, Stephen King had already begun to show his understanding of the horrors coming of age into adulthood.
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