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Todd McFarlane: The Origin of Venom Revolves Around His Hatred of Spider-Man’s Black Costume

For those fan’s familiar with Todd McFarlane, they know that he came into major prominence when he took over the Amazing Spider-Man on issue #298. With his styilized rendition of everyone’s favorite web-spinner, he became a fan favorite. What fans might not know, is that when McFarlane took over Spider-Man, he was wearing the iconic Black and White costume. McFarland HATED it! He wanted to draw Spider-Man in his traditional red and blue suit. It was during this early time that he created Eddie Brock, better known as a Venom. Recently, McFarlane took to Instagram to talk about his creation
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‘Supergirl’ Star Melissa Benoist Gets Engaged

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it only makes sense that we share a love story. Supergirl Star Melissa Benoist Posted on her Instagram account the happy news that her and actor Chris Wood were now engaged. You might remember Wood played the role of Mon-El, a Daxamite prince who ended up on Earth when the destruction of Krypton also led to the devastation of his home world. Mon-El appeared in Season Two and Three. While the characters formed first a friendship and then a love interest, apparently the actors also followed that script. Congrats to them both. You can share your best
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Braun Strowman Excited About Appearance in ‘Holmes and Watson’

If you have seen Micah’s Harshaw’s review of the Holmes and Watson Trailer, you saw his excitement of the appearance by WWE superstar Braun Strowman in the Trailer. See his review here. Now that the trailer has been released, Strowman was free to talk about his appearance, which until now was kept a secret. He posted about it on Instagram: View this post on Instagram Well the cats out the bag and I can talk about it now!!!! I will be making my big screen debut December 21st in the new #HolmesAndWatson #movie along side #WillFerrell #JohncReilly #SteveCoogan it’s surreal
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