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Netflix Decides to Troll Marvel Fans With Survey

We’ve wanted Netflix to reach out to the masses after a confusing past few months. When Iron Fist was canceled, some were shocked, but most had expected it considering the low ratings. When Luke Cage was chopped after it being insinuated that we were getting a third season, people started to panic and speculate. With Daredevil getting canceled after an extremely successful third season, fans not only became enraged, but began to realize that this had to do something with the upcoming Disney+ service. Although, it’s been told to us that this has been entirely Netflix’s decision, which begs the
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Top 10 Netflix Shows of 2018

We’ve had a lot of great shows this year and some of the best have never even aired on cable television. I’m talking about streaming and while Hulu and Amazon Prime have given us some quality tv series, I think we need to take a moment to acknowledge Netflix. Whatever we may feel about Netflix at the moment, they clearly are one of the best when it comes to their shows. The streaming site is a place you can rewatch Friends a thousand times and catch up on your favorite CW series, but it’s their original content that needs praise.
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