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Veronica Mars Drops Trailer for Season Four on Hulu

In a world where revivals, reboots, and remakes seem to be the trends of modern cinema, the revival of Veronica Mars is one you will be happy about. Coming to Hulu, this cult classic sees our heroine back in action, as a very serious threat seems to be the main focus of this miniseries. Check out the trailer below! The taser's making a comeback, #marshmallows. #VeronicaMars season 4 drops July 26th, only on @hulu. — Veronica Mars (@veronicamars) May 1, 2019 Veronica Mars hits Hulu on July 26th and it will be interesting to see the difference in tone
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The CW Finally Releases a Trailer for iZombie Season Five

We are less than two weeks away from the final season of iZombie starts on The CW and we finally have somewhat of a trailer. Though, I would argue it is more like a teaser trailer, it is still some insight as to what we can expect for the fifth season. All the regulars players are shown; Liv, Clive, Ravi, Major, Peyton, and Blaine. Liv is still working in the morgue, assisting Clive on cases, as has been the real heart of this show. Take a look below! Of course, no iZombie montage would be complete without one of Liv
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iZombie Releases Teaser Ahead of Final Season: “Make It Brain One Last Time”

iZombie is probably a show that you’ve looked over because the name sounded a little odd to you. Or maybe the premise, even though you could make comparisons to Warm Bodies or Santa Clarita Diet – if you like both, you would like iZombie. This CW show stars Rose McIver as Liv Moore (yes, pun intended) whose seemingly perfect life all goes to pieces after being infected with the zombie virus and thus becoming a zombie. The show, throughout the seasons; has touched upon social issues, has had some hard-hitting moments, and generally is a lot of fun as Liv
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