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The Punisher Will Release Trailer for Season Two Tomorrow

Cue manic screaming, because tomorrow, the trailer for the second season of The Punisher is dropping. The official Twitter page just released the small video below, eliciting much excitement from this particular fan. Unlike the other Netflix Marvel shows, and even the first season of The Punisher; the second season hasn’t gotten much in the way of promotion. We’ve had teasers here and there, but we’re less than ten days away and there’s still no full trailer; we had one for the first season at least a few months prior. BUT, better late than never. It all goes down tomorrow.
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Karen Page Episode Info For The Punisher Season Two Revealed

Deborah Ann Woll has been the Netflix MCU’s Karen Page for some time now. Three seasons of Daredevil, one season of The Defenders and The Punisher, and multiple mentions in between, we have one last chance to see her on screen as the reporter/office manager in The Punisher season two. It’s no doubt that Karen means a lot to Frank Castle, so it’d be silly and unthinkable to have a season surrounding the popular vigilante without her. But, Kastle fans may be a little saddened to know that she is only in one episode. According to MTV’s Ryan J. Downey,
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