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Jack Black Would Not Be Opposed To Playing Penguin in Matt Reeves ‘Batman’

mllkatI am a 50 something child of the 70’s who admits to being a Star Trek/Star Wars/Comic Book junkie who once dove head first over a cliff (Ok, it was a small hill) to try to rescue his Fantastic Four comic from a watery grave. I am married to a lovely woman who is as crazy as I am and the proud parent of a 15 year old boy with autism. My wife and son are my real heroes.
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Josh Gad Still “Hinting” About Potentially Playing The Penguin

As the spouse of a Temp Service owner, I have been told many times that the best way to get a job is to first make it clear that you’re interested in doing it. This is apparently what Josh Gad has heard too, although if you ask him, he would just say he was playing around. Sunday, Gad posted a photo of Burgess Meredith’s version of the Penguin with a short message: “Good Knight.” Good Knight — Josh Gad (@joshgad) January 14, 2019 With the Penguin character being mentioned as a possibility in both the Birds of Prey film and
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Josh Gad Ready To Throw Down With Jon Hamm’s ‘BATMAN’

Fan-casting characters is fun to do. Especially, when it’s actors who are doing the fan-casting. While Jon Hamm has recently stated that he wouldn’t mind becoming Batman, actor Josh Gad expressed his interest in portraying the Penguin if Hamm was given the opportunity to become the Caped Crusader. While the gif Gad posted on Twitter in response to the rumor, Gad has had a sort-of reoccurring joke centered around his desire to portray the well-known DC villain. #JonHamm I’m waiting. — Josh Gad (@joshgad) September 13, 2018 Matt Reeves is directing an upcoming film called The Batman, although there’s
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