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Comic Review: Honor and Curse #1

The tale of a lost orphan, Genshi, who was taken in by his old mentor Nishiro after witnessing the death of his parent’s, he must now train to eventually become his clan’s Shinobi and lead them…Sounds hard enough already right? Well throw in some night terrors due to an evil spirit that haunts Genshi, a complicated relationship, and an impending battle and it looks like Genshi’s got a hard time ahead. On the plus side, we have ourselves an epic story in the form of Honor and Curse. Plot Mad Cave Studios are back with yet another epic comic; Honor
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Interview with Mark London – Founder of Mad Cave Studios (EXCLUSIVE)

Before we begin lets take the time to understand who Mark London is with a short bio of the founder and writer for Mad Cave Studios. Mark London’s descent into madness kicked off in 2014, adopting sunny Miami, FL as the base of operations for Mad Cave Studios. An independent comic book publisher dedicated to bringing the magical, surreal, and downright thrilling to life by way of visually-stunning art and dynamic storytelling. Mark is the author of Battlecats and Midnight Task Force, two on-going series gaining traction on the indie scene, in addition to Knight of the Golden Sun, slated for release in 2019. What inspired
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