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Law & Order: SVU Will Return on September 26

Law & Order: SVU is not only the longest running series in the Law & Order franchise, but the longest cable-network show with twenty-one seasons. The Dick Wolf show is a binge-worthy obsession for many, including myself. We’ll have another new season to watch Olivia Benson and her squad take down bad guys. With everything happening in the world, it’ll be interesting to see what real-life stories the show takes inspiration from to adapt. The Twitter page has announced that Law & Order: SVU will return for our viewing pleasure September 26of this year. These cases won’t crack themselves. Season
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Law & Order: SVU Renewed for 21st Season and Makes History

Law & Order: SVU is not DUN DUN yet! The iconic crime drama series has officially been renewed for a 21st season, making it the longest-running prime time TV show of all time. The original Law & Order made it to 20 seasons before ending, but we are not ready to say goodbye to Olivia Benson and her amazing team. There’s only two episodes left in the 20th season. Law & Order: SVU has tackled many tough cases within its season, grabbing inspiration at times from the headlines and we can only imagine what the next season will entail. Congratulations,
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Is It Time to Bring Back Elliot Stabler on Law & Order: SVU?

Back when it was announced that Christopher Meloni was leaving Law & Order: SVU, many couldn’t believe that the long-standing crime-show could last. Among those skeptical was the person writing this article – me. Meloni had played Elliot Stabler for twelve seasons and although the series had a handful of great cast members, its bread and butter was Stabler and Benson. The hot-headed family man was, a lot of times; what was needed in many cases when dealing with the most despicable of perps on the show. His chemistry with Mariska Hargitay was unreal and although Stabler and Olivia Benson
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