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More Details Regarding Footage Shown About Avengers: Endgame At Shareholder Meeting Revealed

In our piece where we covered footage of Avengers: Endgame shown at the Walt Disney Company’s Annual Shareholder Meeting, bit seems now that there was more shown than what was previously covered. We’re now learning more and we should just say, there’s a bit of spoilers coming up. Scott Ladewig, who was one of the shareholders in attendance, expanded on the scene where Nebula reveals that she knows that Thanos would go to the garden after completing his mission. Apparently, she also says something along the lines as follows: SPOILER WARNING Avengers: Endgame We hear Nebula say "I know where
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Star Wars Age of Republic Special #1 Review

 There seems to be no limit to the number of new Star Wars series coming from Marvel Comics. With so many events uncovered on screen during the height of the Republic, it’s a real gold mine for developing new material. The Age of Republic miniseries aims to span three eras of the Star Wars timeline beginning with the prequel era. In Special #1, there are three different stories told during that time. The Weapon With the focus on Mace Windu and his capture on Oosalon in the Outer Rim by terrorists. With a broken lightsaber and seemingly no way out,
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